Installation & Activation

Get up and running in a few lines of code with your favorite plugin manager or manual setup

This is a living document which means it is work in progress, not completed yet and can change at any time while the project is still in development major version zero 0.y.z!


Thanks to existing plugin/runtimepath managers for Vim, Nord Vim can be installed for all platforms and the various variants/forks of Vim in a uniform way within a few lines of codes. The recommended manager is vim-plug, but any other manager like pathogen or Vundle can also be used.

To automatically download and activate Nord Vim, follow the install instructions for vim-plug and

  1. add Plug 'arcticicestudio/nord-vim' to your vimrc within vim-plug's plugin loading function
  2. run the :PlugInstall command in Vim
Screenshot showing a minimal vimrc with installed and activated Nord color scheme
Minimal vimrc with installed and activated Nord color scheme

By default, the latest version will be installed. To use the latest development state from the develop branch instead, vim-plug allows to specify the branch:

Plug 'arcticicestudio/nord-vim', { 'branch': 'develop' }

To install an explicit version the corresponding Git tag can be specified instead:

Plug 'arcticicestudio/nord-vim', { 'tag': 'v0.11.0' }

To install Nord Vim manually, download the latest version or clone the repository.
Afterwards copy the nord.vim file into the .vim/colors located in your home directory.

Screenshot showing the GitHub repository web UI to download the project repository


To activate and use Nord Vim as your default color theme set it in your vimrc:

colorscheme nord

To switch to the theme on-the-fly run the :colorscheme nord Vim command.

When using vim-plug the theme can also be configured to only automatically activate on-demand for specific languages…

" Activate Nord Vim when editing Go files.
Plug 'arcticicestudio/nord-vim', { 'for': 'go' }

…or on specific events.

" Activate Nord Vim when toggling the NERDTree.
Plug 'arcticicestudio/nord-vim', { 'on':  'NERDTreeToggle' }