No matter what's your design tool stack — we've got you covered with native color swatches for your favorite applications.

This is a living document which means it is work in progress, not completed yet and can change at any time while the project is still in development major version zero 0.y.z!

Next to the many ways of integrating Nord into your project, all color palettes of Nord are also available in various native color swatch formats.

For detailed install instructions of all supported formats please refer to the documentation of the specific application.

Adobe Products

There are two different color swatches available for Adobe products like Photoshop and Illustrator:

Install instructions on how to import and use the swatches are documented in Adobe's Help Center Guide.

Apple macOS

For use with the macOS system color app Nord is available as .clr file format.

Install instructions and more details are available through Apple's Visual Color Design guidelines.

Download Nord for macOS


To use Nord with Gpick the palettes are available as .gpa format.

Download Nord for Gpick

GIMP, Krita and Inkscape

The universal .gpl file format allows to use Nord with [GIMP], Krita and Inkscape.

Download Nord for GIMP, Krita and Inkscape

Alias and WaveFront Material

For applications that make use of the Alias and WaveFront Material format Nord also provides a .mtl file.

Download Nord for Alias and WaveFront Material