From UI elements to font rendering — configure the theme to match your personal preferences

This is a living document which means it is work in progress, not completed yet and can change at any time while the project is still in development major version zero 0.y.z!

Nord tmux is designed to provide a good UX out-of-the-box, but there is a reason why principles like „themes“ exist at all: Everyone has different preferences and that's a good thing!

To ensure Nord tmux fits your needs it comes with configurations for UI elements and font rendering to make the theme as flexible as possible while still providing sane defaults.

All theme configuration variables must be added to either tmux's user-level, by default located in your home directory, or system-wide configuration file(s) that are referred to as .tmux.conf in this documentation. The location of the files and more details can be found in tmux's .tmux.conf manual documentation.

UI Elements

Default Status Bar Content

By default, this theme provides status bar content including patched „powerline“ styled characters like separator arrows.

Screenshot showing the status bar with default content.
Default status bar content.

The status bar content can be disabled in order to use customized content by setting the @nord_tmux_show_status_content configuration variable in the .tmux.conf file:

set -g @nord_tmux_show_status_content "0"

Font Rendering

Patched Font Characters

The provided default status bar content makes use of patched „powerline“ styled characters like the separator arrows for a more modern UI and fluidly merged appearance with other applications like the status bars of Vim or Emacs.

Screenshot showing the tmux status bar with patched font elements
The status bar with patched font elements.

To disable the usage of patched „powerline“ styled font characters, using normal Unicode characters instead that should be compatible with all terminals and fonts, set the @nord_tmux_no_patched_font configuration variable in your .tmux.conf file:

set -g @nord_tmux_no_patched_font "1"
Screenshot showing the tmux status bar without patched font elements
The status bar without patched font elements.